Innovation to engineering

We build it right the first time.

From new concept to launch, our team of experts know how to develop high-performance products in record time.
When you work with Nuvo I.T, you get access to proven experience that has built and shipped solutions to complex problems.

The path from concept to market is fraught with challenges. It’s easy to build a product, it’s hard to build a product well that serves your current and future business needs. Nuvo I.T is your partner from beginning to end (transition to your internal team).

Service Offering

To rapidly build serious business software — no matter the complexity.

When the requirements are technical, Nothing is impossible — from Java to .NET to Node.js. Nuvo I.T has subject matter experts with deep experience in dozens of industries, including retail, banking, and beyond. 

We help you find better ways to interact with their employees and customers using technology. From browser-based apps to progressive mobile experiences, end-users demand a straightforward, engaging, and feature-rich experience. Nuvo I.T’s blend of back-end capabilities, integration expertise, and brilliant UX deliver modern, and intuitive web experiences.

Microsoft Support Ends in October 2021, Leaving Thousands of Enterprise Applications In Limbo

Businesses around the globe have built mission critical systems, services, and applications using Microsoft’s Silverlight platform. With support for the platform ending on October 12, 2021, Silverlight based software will soon be open to substantial new security threats.  There is a narrow window of time remaining to replatform or rebuild  Silverlight based software. Theorem can help your organization define and execute on a strategy and migrate towards open standards-based development environment.

Can it be done?

Simple question with a very hard answer that takes years of experience and combined business, product and technical knowledge to answer.

Did they do it right?
Am I getting what they are selling me?
How do I know if the quality is there?

We do full scale technical auditing down to the codebase to ensure that your investment is protected.

How we do it

Our process

We are specialists at finding innovation and pragmatic solutions, in fact we pride ourselves on finding the best solution that fits your budget and timeline.

Business Analysis

Buy vs build

End-to-End Solution Design


Go-Live and Maintenance

Hand-off to internal team

Business Analysis

Technology succeeds when it is designed for your current and future business needs. 

Through a very detailed analysis and study of your needs as well as stakeholder and employee interviews to identify the gap we need to cross, we come up with a very good understanding of your business.

With that information, we move to the solution design phase.


Buy vs Build

We live in the golden age of software so before we get ahead of ourselves and invest in a custom built solution, we take a look and see what can be bought and modified.

It is possible that an open source system already exists or there is a company willing to sell their software at a fraction of the cost it would take to build something new.

We don’t just do a couple of google searches!

We study the market, contact the vendors, evaluate the technology in-line with your needs, evaluate its growth potential so you are not stuck with something unmaintainable in a few years and recommend our findings.

Full-Stack Solution Design

In order to design a great solution and mitigate runaway costs, we spend an enormous amount of time designing the solution properly from interface to database and everything in between.

This phase is executed after a thorough business analysis and buy vs build research to make sure that we find the best solution for you and the lowest price.

We design everything, not just how it looks (UI), but how it will be used (UX), the business rules and how they will get executed (API, Microservices), the database (Data) and how it will grow.

And finally, we create the user and administrative documentation as well as provide training.

Our work however is not done at delivery, we remain present for maintenance by us or by your internal team.


Engineering phase

Now that the solution has been design and approved by all the stakeholders, we can start the engineering phase.

Depending on your needs, we would have designed a specific architecture and the use of a particular language. 

The technology, architecture, language that we will use will be selected based on the skillset of your internal resources (for maintenance if you choose) and the resource availability in your local market. Following that, we choose the technologies that make the most sense for your solution.

Our engineering process is meticulous, as we pride ourselves on expert grade engineering, code commenting, documentation and following all the proper engineering guidelines, methodologies, patterns and practices that will deliver the best result.



We are not done at solution delivery, once we put the solution live, if you need to we can operationalize it and make sure that it runs smoothly. 

Whether you require an on-premise data center or a cloud based one, we offer an end-to-end white glove technology delivery service so you only need to care about your business and not the technology.

Maintenance and continued improvements:
Now that you are live and benefitting from the solution we built and delivered. It will be business as usual to maintain and grow the system as your employees and managers will need more features and functionality to reflect the reality on the ground.

 Systems designed to evolve
We know full well that you will have to make changes, that is why we design all of our solutions to evolve with you at minimal effort and cost.

If we can reduce a cost for you, we pride ourselves when we can and strive to do so.


Hand-off to your internal team

At some point, it will make more sense for your organization to have an internal team handle the maintenance for your product.

If you choose to move development in-house, it will be a perfect transition. We will design the organizational structure, hire the right people, define the processes and execute a phased transition to your internal team.

We will always be there to support you and augment any skill shortage you may have.

This is what we call our client first approach, we deeply care about your success.

What we believe in

Our Business Philosophy

We are specialists in both business and technology.

With us you get a product, not just some software. 
With us you get a business opportunity, not just some technology.
With us you get a partner, not just some consulting firm.

Our Mission

Build beautiful products and positively affect our clients bottom-line.

It is a simple mission that is hard to achieve.

Our Vision

Technology and software is more than the sum of code and design. Great technology is indistinguishable from magic, We want to make magic, enough said.

Our Values

We want our clients to become independent from us!

You read that correctly, we want to design and build beautiful technology and hand it off to your internal team.

This value that we hold dear allows us to keep the client first!